Confused About Essential Oil Grades

It’s easy to get confused about essential oil grades. It can be a daunting task choosing a supplier as a result. Not all oils are as pure as advertised and some are just fragrance oils. As a result the aroma won’t last as long and the therapeutic benefits will be less potent or non existent. . So it’s worth looking for good quality oils. Essential oils are derived from natural extracts of plants, trees, fruits and flowers. Factors like soil Read More

Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils

Beginners to essential oils often ask me what the difference is between the oils. Essential oils Vs fragrance oils, is one better than the other? I’d say it’s not that either is better than the other, it’s more they serve different purposes. One being synthetically man made, the other being produced from plant extracts, so it really depends on the results you’re looking for. Read More

What’s Your Perfect Essential Oil?

Just answer a few simple questions about the things you like. That’s how you discover the perfect essential oil for your personality type. It’s good fun and I bet you’re curious right? If you like you’re results don’t forget to share with you’re friends on social media. See if they agree with your profile. Maybe they’ll join in the fun too! I hope you enjoyed the Quiz and liked your profiled perfect essential oil. Did it sound like you? If Read More

Essential Oils Beginners Guide

Here’s an essential oils beginner guide that will help you get started with choosing your oils. With so many to choose from I thought you might be wondering where to start. I’ve curated 3 of Kathi Keville’s videos for you because she does a wonsderful job of guiding you through the oils. KathiĀ is well respected in the Aromatherapy field. I love the inspiring way she talks about essential oils as she takes us through the starter kit. There’s some great Read More

About Essential Oils

Healing plant oils, is a great way to describe essential oils,Ā  they are produced naturally from plants and used by many to treat common ailments. Relaxation, beauty care and cleaning around your home are great ways you canĀ use essential oils. I really like the idea of learning about essential oils and using natural products in my home instead of aerosols, don’t you? For thousands of years, many cultures have relied on natual oils to treat health conditions. Just starting with Read More