All About Base Oils & How To Use Them

Base oils are also known as carrier or vegetable oils. As a rule they don’t have any type of concentrated aroma. Some are odourless, but many have a faint sweet, nutty aroma. If you notice your Base oil has a strong, bitter smell, it may have gone rancid and should be thrown out. They should be as unadulterated and natural as possible. Exceptions include oils that have tocopherols (Vit E) added, which acts as a natural preservative. The majority of Read More

Essential Oil Vs Fragrance Oil

I’m often asked the differences between essential oil Vs fragrance oil, and is one better than the other? Well it’s not that either is better than the other, it’s more they serve different purposes. Fragrance oils being synthetically man made are great if you’re just looking to fragrance things like soap and such, Whereas Essential oils are natural oils and will offer therapeutic benefits along with fragrance.

What’s Your Perfect Essential Oil?

It’s just for fun and I bet you’re curious right? Answer a few simple questions about yourself and the stuff you like. That’s how you discover the perfect essential oil for your personality type. There’s also a button that will take you off to buy your oil if you decide you want to treat yourself. I will get a small commission if you do decide to buy your essential oil. It wont cost you any extra, it’s just a great way Read More