Confused About Essential Oil Grades

Hey there,  thanks for joining me today 🙂 I’ve been taking a look at  essential oil grades and how to decide who to buy from, I was surprised to learn that there’s actually no official grading system. It turns out it’s just a term invented by Multi-Level Marketing companies. Probably because there’s no money in it, I Read More

My Favourite Fragrant Quotes

Smells are closely linked to our emotions, because smells evoke memories…here’s some of my favourite fragrant quotes, I hope you enjoy them 🙂 “Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains, another, a moonlit beach, a Read More

Essential Oils Vs Fragrance Oils

Beginners to essential oils often ask me what the difference is between the oils. Essential oils Vs fragrance oils, is one better than the other? I’d say it’s not that either is better than the other, it’s more they serve different purposes. One being synthetically man made, the other being produced from plant extracts, so Read More

Essential Oils Beginners Guide

As an essential oils beginner with so many oils to choose from, I’m sure you’re wondering where to start, I know I was. With that in mind and the help of Kathi Keville here’s a guide that will get you off to a great start 🙂 Top 10  Essential Oils For Your Beginners Kit   Check out my Read More

About Essential Oils

Relaxation, beauty care, and cleaning around your home are great ways you can use essential oils.I really like the idea of learning about essential oils and using natural products in my home instead of aerosols, don’t you? For thousands of years, many cultures have relied on  to treat health conditions.Healing plant oils is a great way to Read More