Essential Oil Vs Fragrance Oil

I’m often asked the differences between essential oil Vs fragrance oil, and is one better than the other? Well it’s not that either is better than the other, it’s more they serve different purposes. Fragrance oils being synthetically man made are great if you’re just looking to fragrance things like soap and such, Whereas Essential oils are natural oils and will offer therapeutic benefits along with fragrance.

10 Starter Essential Oils For Beginners

Because there are so many essential oils it can be difficult to know where to start. In this post I try to answer that question by giving you a breakdown of 10 must-have oils. This are the perfect essential oils for beginners. I’ve included 3 of Kathi Keville’s videos below, because she does a wonderful job of explaining the benefits of each essential oil. Kathi is well respected in Aromatherapy and I love the inspiring way she talks about the oils. There’s also some great Read More