I'm often asked the differences between essential oil Vs fragrance oil, and is one better than the other?

Well it's not that either is better than the other, it's more they serve different purposes. Fragrance oils being synthetically man made are great if you're just looking to fragrance things like soap and such, Whereas Essential oils are natural oils and will offer therapeutic benefits along with fragrance.

Let's Talk About Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils

Essential Oil Vs Fragrance oil

The big difference between the two is Nature. If you're just looking for your perfect fragrance to enjoy, fragrance oils are a great choice.  A popular choice for candle and soap makers because of the vast range of aromas and the lower cost compared to essential oils.

Choose essential oils if you want to explore the therapeutic benefits of Mother Nature, or Fragrance oils for your crafting projects.
Learning about essential oils and using them as natural remedies for common family ailments is pretty awesome. Essential oil blends can also replace household cleaners and personal grooming products. You really can learn to live a naturally fragrant life and ditch the chemical laden nasty aerosols. 🙂

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